Chicago Blackhawks healthy scratch forward Adam Burish seized the opportunity to stand in the 15 minutes of fame spotlight on Wednesday night after his team captured their first Stanley Cup in 49 years.   When probed about his thoughts on Chris Pronger, Burish pulled no punches when he responded not so kindly with “I think Chris Pronger is the biggest idiot in the league”.  Burish also said he’d love to punch Pronger, and that he should have worn a skirt on the ice for Game 6.

Burish’s candid comments had a polarizing effect on hockey fans, some lauding the winger’s low-blow on a guy who’s purportedly not very well liked across the NHL.  Others found the quip to be a cheap shot, and ill-timed coming from a guy who was lucky to dress at all in the series.  Regardless of your opinion on the comments, it probably would have been best for everyone if Burish had chosen his words more carefully.

Here, for your pondering pleasure, are the things Adam Burish should have said about Chris Pronger:

  • “He’s like the most virile guy in the league.  I don’t hate him, but everything he touches turns into child support.”
  • “Pronger played almost as hard as Duncan Keith, he’s got a missing tooth to show for it, too.  Right there on the top, in the middle.”
  • “I’ve tried to talk things out with him, but he couldn’t understand a word I was saying because I went to college.”
  • “Uh from what I saw, on one of the 42″ plasmas in our dressing room, he looked like he was playing some serious minutes.”
  • “Why don’t you talk to him yourself, I hear he’s got an affinity for female reporters.”
  • “Chris Pronger played a good series, he battled hard, but all he’s got to show for it is a stupid bag of pucks.”

Comments (3)

  1. It’s alright to hate a player but Burrish should at least ry to make sense of why he is saying it moments after winning the cup, he comes off as the idiot. What happens on the ice stays there. Ask Hartnell if he cares that Keith gave him a Bobby Clarke across the ankle now. Bet he says, “What are you talking about?” Grow some marbles Burrish, talk is cheap.

  2. When Burrish actually contributes something to his team winning a cup like Pronger has already done other then just being there like he did. Then he can mouth off and be a smart ass. He’s one of the last players that should be saying anything about the opposing team. He should take a lesson from Keith as he said it in a witty and funny way when talking about Leino. But Burrish will never amount to anything and while he’ll always have the ring and will brag about it for the rest of his life. He’ll always be one of those who was this guy when people look at it and see his name on the cup simple as that.

  3. I’m on the other side…I like it. Not because of any malice toward Prongs, but because watching hockey interviews is so lame these days. I don’t even watch sports news because of all the flat remarks and canned statements. I’m a fan to be entertained…so entertain me dammit.

    Aside: This entertained me.

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