NHL 11 First Gameplay Footage

EA Sports has released some footage of NHL 11. This short clip shows EA’s official face-off consultant Jarret Stoll talking with some geek who appears to be a big fan of the Mike Ricci look. The footage is nails, as expected. Broken sticks have been a highlight of the various screenshots that have been making the rounds, and you can check the animations here. The shot of teammates handing off new sticks to each other is pretty awesome. Wake me up when September comes…

Comments (5)

  1. Breaking sticks is going to be a major headache after about 1 week…

  2. I think having the CHL teams in it will be a big enough sell for me. Even though I’d get the game even without them. It might be pretty cool hopefully they don’t botch it and introduce some new features with the CHL teams that makes them actually fun to play and run as a GM. Could be very interesting to manage teams like the PEI Rockets, Edmonton Oil Kings just to name a few of the lesser known teams. Plus making it easier to keep draft picks rather then having them forced onto your AHL team will make things much less of pain in the ass.

  3. @Chris: as long as it only happens once, maybe twice a game max I’ll be fine with it.

  4. I had to stop playing online. Getting mocked by a 12 year old from New Jersey makes me a really unhappy person.

  5. @Chris and Rob Given the video game industry’s tendency to rush games out and patch them later, it wouldn’t be surprising to see NHL 11 have an abnormally high rate of sticks breaking. I agree that it could get very annoying if it’s happening 3-4 times per game. I’m sure they’ll have it perfected by December, though.

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