A talented goal-scorer playing junior hockey in Sweden, Ludvig Rensfeldt sits in the 26th spot on my draft list.  Rensfeldt’s numbers in Sweden (39GP – 21G – 29A – 50PTS) are quite good and there’s more to the player than his scoring numbers.


Rensfeldt is a strong player with an imposing 6’3” frame, and his strength is a key weapon: strength along the boards, strength in front of the net, and strength on the puck.  He’s also blessed with a high-end shot and a solid two-way game, and sometimes shows a willingness to throw a heavy check.


He doesn’t always have that willingness to use his size, however; McKeen’s wrote that he will sometimes shy away from contact while scouts THN talked to were unhappy with his inconsistency.  His skating could be better, and while he has a lot of positives he’s not a player with a dominant quality.


Put it all together, and there’s a decent prospect with enough upside to be intriguing, and a diversified enough skill-set that even if his scoring doesn’t come along as hoped he could still be useful in other roles for an NHL team.


McKeen’s Rank: #29 - “Rensfeldt has the potential to be a secondary scorer at the NHL level similar in terms to a young Fredrik Modin.”

THN Rank: #32 – [Quoting a scout:] “He’s a little too vanilla for me, but he’s a talented kid.”