You won’t have any argument from me regarding Dino Ciccarelli’s inclusion in the Hockey Hall of Fame’s class of 2010.  There are only 18 600-goal scorers in the history of the game, and he’s one of them.  I’d go as far as saying he was overdue.  Some will argue that Ciccarelli’s induction is based less on substance, more on statistics.  Regardless, he had a helluva a career for a guy that entered the league as an undrafted free agent.  It’s the people that were not included that may send me into a fit of drunkenly blind rage.

So no Pat Burns, no Joe Nieuwendyk, no Doug Gilmour, no Pavel Bure, no Adam Oates, no Dave Andreychuk (he of 640 NHL goals).  Oh, but Cammi fucking Granato, Angela effing James, Jim frigging Devellano, and Daryl “Doc” Seaman were all honoured.  Don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t want to diminish the contributions to women’s hockey that Cammi Granato and Angela James made.  Nor do I want to undermine the “builder” contributions of Devellano or Seaman, but the exclusion of Pat Burns is a black mark on an already bullshit voting system.

I made a case for Adam Oates yesterday, knowing that he was a long shot.  That Oates won’t receive the call to the Hall doesn’t come as a surprise, but to see Burns, Nieuwendyk, Bure, hell even Lindros, and a handful of others excluded doesn’t do much to soften the blow for me.  USA Today’s Kevin Allen summed up my feelings on the Burns omission perfectly with this tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s understandable after last year’s super class of inductees (Hull, Leetch, Robitaille, and Yzerman), that this year’s may have been short on NHL players.  This, though, is bordering on travesty.  Way to go HHOF.  Tip a few, give a salute, or just do what you do in honour of Pat Burns tonight.  He deserves better.