Mo-Mo, No-No

A tale of two captains, one former, the other made of glass.

Exhibit A:  Mike Modano Can’t Quit You, NHL

Mike Modano has been the face of the Dallas Stars/Minnesota North Stars franchise for over 20 years.  They’re the only team he’s known during his 22-year playing career.  He should retire, you know it, we all know it.  Modano spent three seasons as the Stars’ captain, before being stripped of his “C” in 2006 in favour of Brenden Morrow.  Dallas Stars’ GM Joe Nieuwendyk announced on Tuesday that the team does not plan on offering a contract to the 40-year old centreman.

I’m sure the Stars’ front office were hoping Mike would just hang ‘em up and walk away, but he can’t.  Not just yet.  Nieuwendyk alluded to what Modano really should do on the team’s official website; like so many greats in other sports, he should accept the reality that he’s unable to compete at the level he once did.

Is there a team out there willing to gamble on a 40-year old pivot that’s been on a steady decline over the last four seasons?  Maybe, maybe a change of scenery could rejuvenate the former first overall pick.  In reality, though, we all know it’s the end of the road.  The Stars did their best to send him off in a respectful manner, but it never should have come to this.

Exhibit B:  The Island of Ethan Moreau is Paved in Perpetual Decline

Ethan Moreau was the heart-and-soul of the Edmonton Oilers for a time that was among the franchise’s darkest hours.  His contributions were not always measurable on the stats sheet, but there was a time when the few goals he scored always seemed to have an impact.

He was tough, he played the hardest minutes, he nearly lost an eye for his team.  Now, all that remains is a shadow of the player that once was.  More of that may be attributed to the eye injury than we know, at least that’s what someone much wiser than I has said.

On Tuesday, the Edmonton Oilers placed three players on waivers, in all likelihood with the intention of buying them out.  Ethan Moreau was of those three.  Like that, he’s been thrown away.

If Tambo and the Oilers do in fact buyout Moreau’s deal, the implications would be as follows:

2010-2011: $833,333
2011-2012: $583,333

We wish him well.

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  1. It’s sad to see Modano going out in such a fashion but like most players it’s extremely tough to walk away. As for Moreau, Nielsson, and O’Sullivan. They’ll bounce back somewhere else. Moreau is still a good 3rd line guy, O’Sullivan was a 20 goal scorer with L.A. so he should be able to reach that mark again with the right players around him. Nielsson is the big gamble here. He’s been inconsistent through out. He’s one of those players that if not for his inconsistency could have been a dynamic game breaking type of player. While someone will take a chance on him at a cheap rate he’s a bigger risk then the other two in my opinion anyway.

  2. I wish Ethan lots of luck. He was good for the Oilers and gave us his all.

  3. Both could be Ducks next season…just a feeling.

  4. @misfit Interesting… with the Ducks lost somewhere between rebuilding and mediocrity, it could be fit for either as a stop-gap. If it indeed happens, we heard it here first.

  5. well, I guess Moreau won’t be a Duck, at least. He was just plucked off waivers by the Blue Jackets.

    I figured the Ducks because they were one of the teams rumoured to have interest in Moreau at the deadline, and Modano simply because it’s California (celebrity wife) and Koivu could be gone as a UFA. Plus, the Kings have Kopitar, Stoll, and Handzus already and SJ is solid down the middle as well.

  6. I started loving hockey back in the early 90s because of Modano, you have no idea how torn apart I feel right now that hes in this situation. Joe absoloultey tore hearts apart from all Dallas fans, he should have kept him for one more year he was a perfect number 3 centremen and the thing is HE CAN STILL PLAY.. hes not your average 40 year old! Hes fit and can still blow past defenders! Joe destroyed this team once he hired Marc Crawford who implemented a pathetic system and now puts this dagger on the team. Ridiculous just Ridiculous

  7. “The Island of Ethan Moreau is Paved in Perpetual Decline” must be the best heading I’ve ever read on this site. Bravo, sir.

  8. [...] In a perfect world it would have been nice to see Modano hang up the blades as a Dallas Star, but that’s obviously not going to happen.  Modano’s 2009-10 cap number of $3.45 million will have to come way down if the aging pivot [...]

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