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One can only imagine how this conversation went; ‘let’s have us a bed-shitting contest on July 1st, whaddaya say?’  Let’s be clear about this, I don’t want to lay a definitive judgment on either of the Calgary Flames, or the New York Rangers until this off-season plays itself out a little more.  Sather DID pick up a couple of depth guys and solidified his goaltending on Thursday.  Still, even with Darryl Sutter electing to return to the well with Olli Jokinen and Alex Tanguay, it’s a little easier to lean towards Glen Sather’s decision to toss a bag full of dollars at Derek Boogaard as the biggest boner move from day one.

Not all news out of New York today was subject to head-scratching, as the Vinny Prospal signing at a cool $1 million is a bit of steal.  Unlike Sutter’s Flames, though, Slats and the Rangers do have a little bit of financial flexibility to maneuver the salary cap with (stick-taps for the work the guy(s) at for their work).  Regardless, both men are looking at the prospect of slashing costs if they’re planning on adding much more to their rosters.  Back to the Boogaard signing for a moment; the Boogeyman should be sitting with Georges Laraque all summer reminiscing about the days they were less feared.

Of course, a enforcer with Boogaard’s face-smashing prowess is never truly out of work until someone much tougher comes along; it’s not THAT surprising that he found a new home.  It’s the length and value of the Boogaard deal that makes little sense, 4 years at $1.65 million per season.  Derek Boogaard played less than 6 minutes per game in 2009-10, and he only dressed in 57 games with the Wild.  Sather, apparently, has bigger plans for Boogaard on his roster.  As the guys at Hockey Wilderness have pointed out, Boogaard would make $4707 per minute with his new deal based on his totals from last season.  What could possibly (dementia) have convinced Sather that the same problems his club faced with Donald Brashear wouldn’t resurface with Derek Boogaard?

Nobody wants to dance with the Boogeyman.  He’s gigantic and deadly with his fists, he offers little more to a lineup than than the ability to make his opponent’s face bleed.  Is he a “great guy” and valuable to the community?  Sure he is, but given his reputation to intimidate, the opportunities for Boogaard to fight are only likely to decline.  You can colour me blood red surprised if Boogaard plays the entirety of this contract, he’s a walking buyout candidate for the summer of 2011 and beyond.

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  1. Absolutely. Boners of the day: Slats paying all that money and term for Boogard, and Sutter for giving large money and term to Boogard and also resigning Tanguay.

    Glad I’m an Oiler fan.

  2. Tangauay playing 1/2 line and 1/2 PP as an set-up assist guy. ( the role Cal said he will play):
    Col .88PPG; Cal .88PPG; MTL .83PPG.
    Then TB plays him 3rd line and No PP. Hello .47PPG
    Wonder what he will do in Cal Hmmmm .85PPG perhaps.

    Jokinen post lockout:
    He scores 38; 39; 34; 29G 05-6 to 08-09 Calgary admits to miscasting him in a Set-up role with iginla his scoring numbers drop. Cal says will recast him in a scoring center role. That means Backland on the wing with him feed ing him passes.
    Wonder what he will do Cal.

    4.7M laid out for a good risk at 60 Goals from the pair. The TO media hates it.

    Burke lays out 3M/YR for a 16 goals a year man. TO media they love it.
    Shit you could have had Moreau off wavers for 2M a year. and he will get you 12-14G when healthy.

  3. Die intimen Geständnisse der SharonShane!

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