According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Score: A Hockey Musical” will open the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9. Usually, I’d have more interest in seeing my balls used as a speed bag rather than watching a musical. A musical that revolves around hockey, though, that’s another story.

Fest organizers tapped Canadian director Michael McGowan’s music-driven homage to hockey, top-lined by Olivia Newton-John and Nelly Furtado as a hockey zealot, to kick off their 35th edition with a glitzy world premiere at Roy Thomson Hall.

The coming-of-age movie portrays a sheltered 17-year-old teen, played by newcomer Noah Reid, going from zero to hero on the ice in a matter of weeks.

Think “Glee” with sticks and skates as hockey players croon while slapping a puck round an ice rink.

I can admit that this film looks like it might be kinda fun, and hey, it’s got hockey in it! Russian Machine Never Breaks has a little more info on the upcoming release, and some food for thought on potential cameos from some real-life hockey players. I’m hoping some people at TIFF catch this post and maybe slip me some tickets…  anyone?  Anyone?

Anyway, here’s your trailer: