According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Score: A Hockey Musical” will open the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9. Usually, I’d have more interest in seeing my balls used as a speed bag rather than watching a musical. A musical that revolves around hockey, though, that’s another story.

Fest organizers tapped Canadian director Michael McGowan’s music-driven homage to hockey, top-lined by Olivia Newton-John and Nelly Furtado as a hockey zealot, to kick off their 35th edition with a glitzy world premiere at Roy Thomson Hall.

The coming-of-age movie portrays a sheltered 17-year-old teen, played by newcomer Noah Reid, going from zero to hero on the ice in a matter of weeks.

Think “Glee” with sticks and skates as hockey players croon while slapping a puck round an ice rink.

I can admit that this film looks like it might be kinda fun, and hey, it’s got hockey in it! Russian Machine Never Breaks has a little more info on the upcoming release, and some food for thought on potential cameos from some real-life hockey players. I’m hoping some people at TIFF catch this post and maybe slip me some tickets…  anyone?  Anyone?

Anyway, here’s your trailer:

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  1. I apologize for not being gung-ho and everything… but this looks positively terrible.

  2. Olivia Newton John is still alive? Huh. I thought she was dead, for some reason.

    Looks a bit over the top musical for my taste. On the other hand, it does have Stephen McHattie in it, and Stephen McHattie is awesome in pretty much every way imaginable. He has the hockey cred too, since he was Dick Irvin in the Rocket movie.

  3. Fail..major fail. Seriously

  4. hahahaha….this looks hilarious…. :)

  5. I’d rather a poorly filmed, in a chinese theatre, with man coughing, dub VHS of Glitter than ever EVER watch this drivel.

  6. Anything w/ Olivia is fine w/me.

    BTW What’s up w/ Kovalchuk?

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