There’s a lot of clips of great hits on YouTube.  I’ve never caught this one before and I’m not really sure when and where this video is from.  It’s quite possible this had made the rounds before, but that’s beside the point.  This is probably the hardest hit I’ve ever watched:

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  1. Jesus, that’s unreal.
    Sounds like the announcer said Don Nichols of the Tilburg Trappers and Mike Dawson.

    5’11 165lbs vs 5’11 185lbs.

    That video is a nice find, Scott.

  2. Thanks Black Gold, helluva an ear you have there. I should have known ol’ would come through.

  3. The hardest hit I ever saw was similar to the video. Owen Nolan was chugging up the ice looking down at the puck. Jeff Beukeboom (NYR) went full speed at him head on – Nolan was going to be carried off on a stretcher.

    Last second, Nolan sees Beukeboom & raises his elbows – knocked Beukeboom out cold…

    I always wanted to see that on video…

    That plus the playoff faceoff brawl (think it was the NYI) with 30 seconds remaining, where everyone on one team (except the centre) backed up 20 feet before the puck was dropped. As soon as the puck hit the ice, the opposing team chased them down. Reminded me of the Slapshot movie…

  4. Don Nichols was a teammate of Alexander Selivanov in Den Haag this past season. Amazing. Selivanov was leading the league in scoring early in the 99-00 season as an Oiler. Wonder how Phil Esposito’s daughter likes Holland.

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