The Fort Wayne Komets have opened the creative budget in an effort to keep fans from the old IHL interested in the new swampwater CHL. Fans of the “Orange” have probably spotted this solid, if not ignorant, attempt at a TV spot:

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy professional (and minor-pro) teams mixing it up with creative marketing campaigns, but that hit was clearly from behind.  As someone that goes lurking for humour in just about every facet of life, I can admit it’s a funny concept; the execution leaves a little bit to be desired.  A good clean body check would have been suffice, amirite?

The Komets, along with IHL survivors out of Quad City, Dayton and Bloomington, Ill., will be competing in the freshly amalgamated CHL’s North Conference for the 2010-11 season. A Fort Wayne The Journal Gazette report addressed the importance of the Komets having some familiar rivals in their new environment:

“For the former IHL teams, it also provides what they wanted: everyone in the same conference and a schedule that will put a premium on keeping travel costs down. “

So for those aging Robbie Irons fans that love to see his number 30 hang from the rafters, there will be some familiarity in the Central Hockey League.  Maybe hitting from behind is en vogue in Indiana, I don’t know.