Video: Maple Leafs Draft Busts

Hey there Leaf fans,  it’s been a while since we’ve spoke.  It seems I fail to grab your attention unless I find a less than clever way to take a quick jab at that abomination you call a hockey team. I kid, I kid… although, I’m sure in some roundabout way, my old friend – taking the piss out of the Leafs – probably helped land me this here sweet job at The Score.  In all honesty, I’ve got nothing to do with this quick video spot poking a little fun at the lack of NHL draft success coming out of Toronto.  Our guys in archives had a tough time swallowing the loss of Alex Ponikarovsky last season, now he’s a King and he ain’t coming back; somebody figured it was high time we took a look at some Leafs draft busts.

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  1. Awesome video!! I love watching and reading articles on the leafs, they always make me laugh. Worst pro franchise in sports over the last 40 years. I guess leaf fans can take comfort in the fact that they are not the Pittsburgh Pirates in the MLB.

  2. More leaf bs. just stop it for gods sake! we are not all leaf fans!! even leaf fans get sick of the frenzy…it makes the team losers and puts pressure on them and they cant take it…so give it a frest… who cares about kaberloser?

  3. what is this are u serious haha this makes me laugh even though im a leafs fan just to know how ppl take time to do stupid stuff like this haha funny people

  4. Seems to be more of a watch us draft players, send them elsewhere and watch them flourish than a pure draft bust video.

  5. Bates, perhaps that explains the author’s insistence he had nothing to do with it haha. The “Zetterberg could have been selected in the first round” line kllls me. The Score should make videos for the other 28 teams that passed on him
    six times over.

  6. Hey now, I posted it. That makes me an accomplice, if not the fall guy. Although, a bad Leafs trades video could have packed more wallop.

  7. That was a gay video… only habs homos would think thats terrific go march int he parade u fruits… how bout them expos u losers….

  8. @Jordan: LOLL I am so laughing at your comment. I bet you are the FIRST to thrash down the habs when the parody of “25 feels like 93″ came out when the Habs lost to Philly last sprinig. And that is surely coming from a leaf fans like you. You can trashtalk, bullshit the habs but when we are taking up the FACTS you are crying like a little baby. Typical leafs fans. Why isn’t someone doing a song ditching up the leafs? I’d like to hear it :)

  9. habs fans are all the same when your team is loseing you guys are the first to bail. and for that youre not very good fans so i guess in the long run habs fan’s really do Suck……….

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