Contrary to what stalemated negotiations may tell you, Bobby Ryan is not seeking a trade and would like to remain with the Anaheim Ducks.  In speaking with the Orange County Register on Monday, Ryan spoke carefully about his desire to re-sign with the Ducks; “I’m not asking for a trade. I want to be here in Anaheim. This is where I want to be.”

Negotiations between the Ducks and Ryan appeared to reach a standstill shortly after they began.  Ryan infamously rejected a 5-year $25 million offer from the Ducks, as it is believed the winger is looking for a shorter deal around 3-years worth more than $5 million per season.  Neither Ducks’ general manager Bob Murray or any of Ryan’s representatives would comment immediately on Monday, although, Ryan’s statements would seem to emphasize his desire to play in Anaheim next season:

“I don’t want people to think I’m holding out or I’m going to hold out,” he said. ”That’s not the case. We’re just trying to find something that works for both sides right now.”

With training camp opening on September 18th, the clock is ticking on Ryan and the Ducks to reach some kind of agreement.  Murray has been adamant that they will match any offer sheet tendered to the 23-year old, thus deterring any potential suitors to this point.  By making his feelings clear on not wanting to be traded, there’s now an onus on the two sides to get something done in time for camp to avoid a holdout scenario — which Ryan also made clear was not among his intentions:

“I’ll figure something out before I get to a holdout [scenario],” he said. “But if NHL teams are starting camps, I’ll be on the ice somewhere. Hopefully here.”

The former 2nd overall pick in 2005 firmly established himself as an NHL sniper by posting back-to-back 30-goal seasons over the past two years.  The Ducks find themselves in a position that’s neither a full-blown rebuilding phase, nor one that could keep them from seriously contending in 2010-11.  Locking up Bobby Ryan for the foreseeable future would certainly help swing the pendulum toward contending in the short-term.  Stubbornness has reigned thus far, so we’ll see if Ryan’s demands soften as training camp approaches.