The New  York Islanders may have a couple of budding baseball stars on their hands, or maybe they just have a couple kids hailing from hockey-mad towns.  Katie Strang of Newsday reported (it’s behind a paywall so don’t bother clicking) that the Isles’ Kyle Okposo took some batting practice with the Minnesota Twins recently.  John Tavares was joining the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday evening for some swings, too.  The Islanders’ official website has some video of the former taking some cuts; not a bad looking swing on Okposo. He was accompanied by fellow Minnesota native Zach Parise, according to Newsday.

Watch as Okposo tees off on a few pitches from Twins’ manager Ron Gardenhire, and as Kyle meets some of the players. Big Jim Thome walks up to Okposo in the clubhouse to shake his hand, while rocking a purple Minnesota Vikings’ Brett Favre number four t-shirt. Thome a Favre fan? Of course he is!