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  1. Speaking of choking:
    The times the LEafs beat the Sens in a playoff series, they woudl always lose the next one.
    Leafs havent made the finals since….? Sens made it in 2007

    Sure lalime choked in the playoffs for us.. You cant say the same about the Leafs players, because they havent made the playoffs in 4 years.. Suck it!

  2. I’m a Sens fan, but that’s hilarious. Lalime was great, but he did choke…often.

  3. Chris K-

    Why so serious? This is hilarious, no matter what. There was no need to be all defensive and jump on the Leafs…


    Great find!

  4. I think it’s easy to see this is an indictment of Lalime’s play rather than the Sens. Chris K was an uber-tard for overreacting. You Canadians are so hilarious!

    BTW – this was a GREAT find and brought a lot of laughter. Good work!

  5. Hilarious. Nice find Scott!

  6. I should add: Hopefully part two of this series does not feature the Luongo figurine…

  7. I am totally swiping that pic.

  8. Love that his figure isn’t an action shot, but Lalime drinking from his water bottle (I assume after letting in his 2nd goal in a five minute span).

  9. @TheTick – He’s also missing his mouth…

  10. Outstanding work!!!

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