The Brooks Ultimatum

The New York Post’s Larry Brooks has a tendency to stir things up, and given his perceived “connections” to the NHLPA, you may want to lend him a little more faith in regards to this Wednesday night offering.  According to Brooks, the NHL has given the NHLPA an ultimatum  to consider with the latest Kovalchuk contract proposal, which would directly affect several other front-loaded contracts currently in play.

As per Brooks’ article, the NHLPA can ponder the following “grandfathering” terms:

1. That the cap hit on future multi-year contracts will not count any seasons that end with the player over 40 years of age. The cap hit would be calculated on the average of the salary up through age 40 only.

2. That the cap hit on future contracts longer than five years will be calculated under a formula granting additional weight to the five years with the highest salary.

The player’s association has been extended an NHL imposed deadline of Friday at 5 p.m. to accept the terms, or the league will move to sink the NHLPA’s battleship:
1. It will reject the Kovalchuk contract.

2. It will move to immediately devoid the Luongo contract.

3. It will move to immediately open proceedings for a formal investigation into the Hossa contract.
I don’t want to sound alarmist here, but them’s some serious consequences for refusal to accept some sketchy amendments to the CBA.  Again, tread caustiously as it is Larry Brooks we’re talking about, but there very well could be some truth to his claims.  Although, according to ESPN’s EJ Hradek, Bill Daly has reportedly denied the existence of any such ultimatum, a company line also reported by Tom Gulitti of the Bergen Record. What a mess…
We’ll have more as this story unfolds over the next couple of days.

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  1. We went thru a lost season of hockey for is? Didn’tthe NHL teams offer these crazy long term contracts to the players and yet the players who just signed on the dotted line are being penalized for it? The NHL is seriously backwards. For those pol who hate MLB who desnt have a salary cap, be careful what you wish for cuz just look at the mess the NHL has created

  2. basic human behaviour push to se if you can exploit, more following of kenny holland and his 12 year deals, then people catch on like the 6 million $ goalie is no longer a requirement to win a cup, better to have another solid d than a goalie

    however in regards to this come on none of these guys will play this long nor will they in 7-10 years despite how much they are banged up play for those pitily amounts, already riffy dudes are getting 3 million a year think kovie will play for 5 million or less in 8-10 years.

    so they went from 28 yrs at 102 million to 24 yrs and 100 million and dont expect the league to say “come on cant do better than that” we warned you guys this would not fly

    i dont think luongo is worth anywhere near where he is getting paid anyway and nucks fans consider it a blessing if they have to rework that one

    they all worked out this cba and look at this mess…. maybe for once someone should look at who is at the top of the pyramid running the show… the commish down to all the reps
    forecast is for a labour dispute and small strike over a few million and multi decade contracts
    clearly trying to subvert the cba is expected but then next thing you know more riffy dudes are singing 40 year contracts for 1 million a year

    i think the league is good to try to stop this now rather than 100 contracts for 5 million years being signed

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