Welcome To Houses Of The Hockey

It is an honour to welcome you to our new hockey blog here at The Score, Houses of the Hockey.  We call it HOTH for short, and in doing so we’ve created a hockey blog that not only references an excellent Led Zeppelin album, but we’ve also managed to vaguely reference the ice planet from The Empire Strikes Back.  What does this all mean?  Well, we’re excited, I can tell you that.

Over the next few days and weeks you’ll start to see a lot more content here than myself and Jonathan Willis were able to push out on a daily basis at Hockey or Die.  We’ve got new contributors who you’ll begin to become familiar with shortly.  We’ve wrangled up a pretty impressive stable of hockey bloggers from all walks and niches.  Who did we bring in, you may ask?  Well, we’ve got the indispensable Kent Wilson from FlamesNation, Kevin Burgundy from the hilarious and insightful StayClassy, Rick Moldovanyi of Pensblog fame, as well as TheScore.com’s own Sean Tomlinson.

In addition to all of the gentlemen mentioned above, we’ll have regular contributions from Joe Ross, Darrin Pfeiffer, and Scott Herkes, all of whom along with Renee Paquette will be rather heavily involved in brand new daily webcast we’ll be launching in conjunction of this new blog right here.  It’s a brand new hockey show set to be available on the web and maybe even TV if we do it right.  I can’t tell you too much about it right now, but it’s going to be a lot different than a few men in suits debating hypothetical fixes for “Burkie” and the Toronto Maple Leafs or checking their Blackberry for a BBM from “Colie” on the NHL’s selectively long arm of the law.  We’re going to be different, and all that we ask is you give us a chance to win your heart.

So keep your eyes peeled for new and fresh content, season and team previews, and original video and audio content on a daily basis in the near future.  In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @HOTHNews if you partake in such activities.  We’ll bring all the news, stats, laughs, and refreshing hockey content that our big brains and little fingers are capable of, do check in.