Over the summer we’ve been working on some big changes to the hockey section here on TheScore.com. With the hockey season starting back up I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to present to you my in-depth statistical findings for the upcoming season. After struggling with Brownian Excursion, Projective Harmonic Conjugates, Impredicativity, Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems and countless other mathematical equations, I’ve created a few visual graphs of my findings for you. Please let me know if I’ve made any miscalculations, although I don’t think I have.

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  1. Brilliant!! I really like what you’ve done with these stats.

  2. Was it really neccessary to use the “F” word in the graphs? Is this the new standard of the Score’s hockey blog? If so, count me out.

  3. To Your Mother, I do not know if you are kidding or not but I think the “F” word has lost all meaning. It’s said everywhere now a days.

    And It’s the Score, you know they do things differently around here. They do what they want, with an edge. That’s why they are great.

    Loved the article, especially the Chris Pronger graph.

  4. Love the post, love the new blog. Can’t wait for hockey season!

  5. @Matt McKenna

    Despite your take that the “F” word has lost all meaning, some people still find it offensive. It’s not language that one would use in a professional setting or when speaking with their parents. This just shows how far The Score needs to go before they are considered a news service equivalent to other MSM outlets. Using profanity is the true mark of a lack of creativity.

    I never said I didn’t like the article, just coming up a little more creative headings should have been considered instead of going with the profanity.

  6. I miss Willis…

  7. I agree, more JW!!

    Although if new graphs are to be brought out often i might be persuaded to visit alightly more.

  8. Because “your mother” jokes are so classy.

    Fuck you, bud.

  9. the nhl is not funny! its a serious business and a religion here. stop making fun of it!!

  10. Scott: Can you do a graph on the number of toronto go downs per hiour you did to get score shit let you do your graphs.

    As for less stats. JW was the only reason i came to this shit site.

  11. I feel dumber for having read this article, thanks TheScore.

    Jonathan was the only reason to visit this site; now it seems to be run exclusively by frat boys with close-set eyes.

    A shame.

  12. Yes more JW (I know him so I can call him that) stats.they were moral and respectful to my god. Scott herkes graphs are like drawings of allah! shame on you.

  13. oh dear .. if you’re taking these graphs serious then maybe you’d be better suited watching Law & Order or Cold Case Files this season.
    Lighten the hell up. … the season didn’t even start yet and you’re being cranky. (Must be a leafs fan).
    Its just a little pre-season humor and A fella should only get serious when the first puck is dropped. Till then, all digs, and jokes of the past year, should still be game.
    As for the F bomb, ca’mon …. take that stick out of your a$$. You ever been to a hockey game? the guys on the ice don’t necessarily hold back on the cuss-in…… believe it


  14. Do you guys want some tissue for those tears?

  15. People fear change. Has no one noticed that this is a new site that your precious JW has yet to post on? Here’s an idea, if and when JW posts here, how about littering the comment section asking him why he’s cut back on content? This constant whining is rather pathetic.

    Btw, love the new site design and blog name. Love the F word, too.

  16. Looks like all this clamouring worked, as JW was the next to post. Gotta give the people what they want or your site goes down the tubes. If half the readership is here only to read one guy, that is something you need to keep in mind….

  17. “If half the readership is here only to read one guy…”
    Are you using the same abacus scott herkes used? The made up one?

  18. Hilarious! Well done, Scott!

  19. Hi guys,

    I just wanted to make a couple of quick comments. The decline in the amount of posting I’m doing was at my request; unfortunately blogging doesn’t pay like the oil patch and my new job has more responsibility and a lot less free time than my old one. The Score was nice enough to keep me on with a reduced amount of responsibility.

    This relaunched site is going to have a wide range of contributers, with the objective of appealing to a relatively wide group of hockey fans. It goes without saying that some of the posts won’t appeal to everyone (including my own: the reaction to some of my posts on The Score’s Facebook page was rather interesting) but I think once all the contributers come on line there will be something for everyone here.

  20. The handle “Your Mother” was not meant as a joke. It was meant as a “would you use that type of language around your mother” jab. Yes, the “F” word is often used on the ice surface at the rink, and I have no issue with it being used there. That type of colourful language is often inspired by emotion and adrenaline. The use of profanity on the theScore.com, however, shows a total lack of creativity and a limited vocabulary by the authour.

    I guess this website does not care about doing things with class.

  21. Hey – how come DiPietro gets all the press? I mean, he’s hurt and he gets a category all to himself?

    I am, how you say in English, the “crap.”

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