While the sympathy has been pouring in for Jordan Staal’s infected foot, we’ve managed to get our (non-infected) hands on a few of the ‘get well soon’ cards other athlete’s injuries have been sending him.

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  1. Seriously? Are you posting this for Grade 7 boys? This blog should have just stayed with the Lewis and Willis format and left out Herkes the circle jerkes.

  2. That Lidstrom card could stand on its own! And it’s not just for 7 year old boys J W, girls too.

  3. That the first time I’ve ever heard Vince used for a girl.

  4. I’m a dude, just want gender equality.

  5. Really? That’s it? Are you sure your not a 13 year old girl?

  6. Wow! Herkes posts another dud that I could have done without. Please tell me that he isn’t getting paid for coming up with this crap.

    Bring back Willis. At least he could write something worth reading.

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