The Dump and Chase – 09/23/2010

- On Frozen Blog laments the NHL’s decision to deny bloggers’ access to the visiting team’s dressing room in all NHL arena’s this season.  Better keep those nasty bloggers away from the visiting team, you wouldn’t want them to get all juvenile and start running pictures of Chris Pronger in a skirt or something…

- Since what everyone really wants is more Sidney Crosby/Alex Ovechkin coverage, HBO will be filming a mini-series revolving around the New Year’s Day Winter Classic between the Penguins and Capitals.

- The Mule, Johan Franzen, was injured in last night’s Penguins/Red Wings preseason contest after taking an unintentional knee from Brooks Orpik.  Franzen suffered a “charley horse” on the play, more to come.

- In one of the most bizarre on-ice occurrences I’ve ever witnessed, the Blackhawks’ Jake Dowell puts his head through the back of his shirt!  Watch for his jersey to split down between the numbers as Tampa’s Chris Durno takes him to the ice in a short tussle:

(stick-tap Puck Daddy for spotting the video)

- Islanders’ 2010 3rd round draft pick Kirill Kabanov was late for practice, again, and was ‘bag skated’ for his tardiness… again.

- Bill(ionaire) Gallacher has reportedly dropped out of negotiations to purchase the Dallas Stars from Tom Hicks.

- The boo birds came out in Montreal last night to let Carey Price have it after surrendering 4 goals on 10 shots versus the Boston Bruins.  Price did not speak with the media following the game, and shit has hit the fan already.

- One of the biggest surprises in 2009-10 was the play of Colorado Avalanche goaltender Craig Anderson, he’s prepared for a similarly heavy workload.  Anderson appeared in 71 contests last season, with Peter Budaj still serving as his backup, he may reach that number again.

- Remember that new NHL Rule Enforcement video from a few days ago?  The one with the section on cracking down on taunting?  Nick Boynton hasn’t seen that film yet, I assume:

(Stick tap Puck Central for the clip)