Russian Hockey Fight Reprise

You may recall the epic brawl between Avangard Omsk and Chekhov Vityaz that took place last January during the KHL regular season.  Perhaps a refresher is in order?

The brawl resulted in a series of fines for both teams, and we all moved on.  Or so it seemed; the teams met again on Thursday and there was no shortage of proverbial fireworks this time around.  The game got out of hand early resulting in a first period skirmish before several fights broke out late in the third period when the game was much closer.

It wasn’t quite the bench-clearing brawl from the first time around, but there was obviously enough residual bad blood to spark this flurry of fights:

The KHL can provide some fairly entertaining offensive hockey, but man, things can get pretty electric over there when fists start flying.

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