Russian Hockey Fight Reprise

You may recall the epic brawl between Avangard Omsk and Chekhov Vityaz that took place last January during the KHL regular season.  Perhaps a refresher is in order?

The brawl resulted in a series of fines for both teams, and we all moved on.  Or so it seemed; the teams met again on Thursday and there was no shortage of proverbial fireworks this time around.  The game got out of hand early resulting in a first period skirmish before several fights broke out late in the third period when the game was much closer.

It wasn’t quite the bench-clearing brawl from the first time around, but there was obviously enough residual bad blood to spark this flurry of fights:

The KHL can provide some fairly entertaining offensive hockey, but man, things can get pretty electric over there when fists start flying.

(Stick tap Russian Hockey Fans for the find)

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  1. Wow – Chekhov Vityaz (red team) initiated every fight in this game (at least the fights that were shown). Clearly they were out to make some kind of statement after Avangard started the brawls in the first Russian-Wrestlemania.

    Good find Scott!

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