The NHL handed Montreal’s Mike Cammalleri a one game suspension for his slash on the New York Islanders’ Nino Niederreiter during a pre-season game on Saturday.  Here’s a clip of the incident for the uninitiated:

It was a stupid/scary play on the part of Cammalleri, who’s no stranger to greaseball plays (eh, Martin Havlat?).  He’s lucky that it’s just a one game suspension and that Niederreiter wasn’t seriously injured.  There is some belief circulating that the NHL went easy on Cammalleri because of a ‘blindside’ hit courtesy of Niederreiter earlier in the contest.

Cammalleri will miss the Canadiens’ season opener versus the Maple Leafs in Toronto this Thursday.  What do you think, was the suspension too little?  We’ve rounded up reaction from various Twitter users and compiled them all here for your convenience.  Do take a look:

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