The Top 12 Hockey Taunts

Between the Monday afternoon antics of James Wisniewski and George Parros, it would appear that taunting has made quite a resurgence in the NHL. It got us here at HOTH thinking about some of the great(?) moments in the history of hockey players taunting each other, fans giving it to players, and even the other way around. We’ve been racking our brains all day to put together a list of some memorable taunts.

Sean Avery could probably have his own list of taunts both administered and recieved, but then my inbox would be flooded with death threats. So we decided to dig deep into the archives once again for some YouTube gold. Just because we can, we’ve decided to include a couple of infamous instances of irritating behavior from some fictional hockey players. A word of caution to those who are easily offended; the following clips contain a lot of NSFW banter and enough homophobia to set us all back 57 years. Enjoy!

12. Racki Incites a Flurry of Misconducts

11. What’s That, Reg Dunlop?

10. Scholar Parros Resorts To Schoolyard Tactics

9. Ovechkin Taunts Crosby

8. Boynton’s Throat Slashing Gesture

7. Those Pesky and Annoying Green Men

6. Wisniewski Reminds Avery To ‘Brush His Teeth’

5. Chris Pronger Steals Pucks, Handles Media Like No Other

4. Sean Avery Rewrites The Rulebook

3. Brendan Shanahan Has His Own Thoughts On Underarm Hair

2. Tie Domi Douses Flyers Fan, Fights Him

1. Kevin Stevens and Bryan Trottier Call Brian Bellows Just About Everything