The Dump and Chase – 10/12/2010

- Niklas Hjalmarsson’s hit from behind on Buffalo’s Jason Pominville is suspension worthy, it should be interesting to see how the league chooses to discipline the Blackhawks defenseman considering the severity of the hit.  You can tell from the video that Hjalmarsson saw Pominville’s back all the way on the blindside shot:

- Another incident from Monday that could be subject to disciplinary action was James Wisniewski’s umm, gesture toward the Rangers’ Sean Avery.  I’m sure much worse things are said at ice level, but Wisniewski’s visual aids may end up costing him.  Avery’s quote following the game was pure gold:  “Can you imagine if I did that? They sent me to rehab the last time I did something. It’s crazy.”

- James Wisniewski will find his way into multiple entries on this link dump.  The Stars’ Jamie Benn was treated for ‘concussion like symptoms‘ following a big open ice hit he took at the hands of Wisniewski on Saturday.

- Stop the presses, Mark Messier is getting behind the bench.  Messier will coach team Canada at the Spengler Cup, you know, the international tournament that takes place over the holidays.  No, not that one with all the kids… the other one.

- The St. Louis Blues threw a beat-down on the Anaheim Ducks on Monday afternoon.  The Blues set two new records in the process:  “The crowd of 19,150 saw the Blues rewrite the record books with the two fastest goals and the widest shot differential in club history…”

- Puck Daddy’s Sean Leahy laments the NHL Premiere Games.  It’s time to put a fork in these types of contests, at least in the regular season.  Lousy attendance and a general sense of indifference from the spectators that did show up are front and centre, talk of at least one team just breaking even from the European jaunt is enough for me.  Pull the plug.

- Capitals Outsider has 25 pictures of Mike Green in celebration of the defenseman’s birthday.  Lots of faux-hawk.  Jesus, that’s a ridiculous looking set of feathers.

- Lastly, the tandem of Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown present Tomas Kaberle and Luke Schenn delivering Leafs season tickets to the Rosedale-Blackberry-ACC set.  Hilarity ensues.