Those silly Washington Capitals sure love to get their funny on.  I’ll tell you what’s really funny about them, their playoff performance – hiyo!  That was awful.

Here we have a Merecedes-Benz TV spot with Caps’ head coach Bruce Boudreau and the Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman dancing in tracksuits. The clip comes by way of’s Hot Clicks. Is it just me, or does Bruce Boudreau bear a striking resemblance to Don Zimmerman?

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  1. [...] Moldovanyi under Offbeat on Oct 15, 2010 Earlier Scott Lewis posted a rather disturbing clip of Bruce Boudreau dancing in track pants in order to advertise a Mercedes Dealership.  As strange as that commercial may be, it’s [...]

  2. [...] will be a fair share of carrying on and PG-13 moments from the players in the dressing room, too. Boudreau’s penchant for comedy and the spotlight is nothing new, but as Christopher Botta tells us – it’s Penguins’ head coach Dan [...]

  3. Bruce Boudreau is very cute. Wish he was a gay man!!!

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