Here we are, episode 4 of the Houses Of The Hockey Podcast. Today, Joe, Darrin and Scott Lewis “Rip on Rypien”. Rick from Pensblog also checks in to talk about the Penguins. Please be sure to comment and leave feedback. Don’t be afraid to follow us on Twitter (@HOTHnews), join our fan page on Facebook and of course, subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes. Have a great hump day and we’ll see you Friday.
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  1. I really hope they give him a stiff suspension. Unlike shots to the head or hitting from behind, there are no gray areas in this matter. You either have an encounter with a fan or you don’t. This was just plain silly and although it’s not a “Malice At The Palace” type situation, it’s embarrassing for the player, the team and when it’s the only time CNN gives a shit about your game, your league too. Do the right thing Colin Campbell. little fines and 2 game suspensions (although commonplace lately) will not cut it. Make an example out of Rypien and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Ever.

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