The Dump and Chase – 10/20/2010

What Game Were You Watching, Manny Malhotra?

For all the cliched canned answers we normally get out of hockey players, it’s rather odd that Manny Malhotra chose to speak up on Tuesday’s Rick Rypien incident in this manner. Although, I love that he says “hootin’ and hollerin’”:

“I just think the fan got a little bit too involved… There’s just no place for that in our game. There’s boundaries that should never be crossed. We’re in our area of work. We are all for the hootin’ and hollerin’ and supporting your team and saying whatever is tasteful out there. But as soon as you cross that line and want to become physical with a player, we have to make sure we take care of ourselves and we’re protected.”

Shocker, Shane Doan Shocked By Suspension

Phoenix’s Shane Doan can’t wrap his head around the three-game suspension he was assessed for Sunday’s late hit on Anaheim’s Dan Sexton.  Said Doan:  “I cut in front of him. I don’t catch his head, but they want to send a message and they obviously did.”

Ken Holland Will Keep Pushing For Overtime Overhaul

Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland, for one, is tired of seeing so many shootouts.  Like many, Holland would like to see more games decided in overtime rather than resorting to the shootout.  One of Holland’s rule change suggestions is to increase OT to eight minutes, 4-on-4 for four minutes and another four minutes of 3-on-3.  Holland plans on taking his campaign to the NHL general managers meetings in Toronto on November 9.

Dale Tallon Receives Cup Ring On 60th Birthday

A “special rendezvous” resulted in former Chicago Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon receiving his Stanley Cup ring in Fort Lauderdale.

T.Ocho Speak The Truth, NHL Players Hit The Hardest

Stick tap to @_Joe_Ross for this clip of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco talking NFL players versus NHL players in terms of who hits harder.  Versus is airing the wide receivers’ reality show, so they may have taken a handout to say this…

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  1. Props to Malhotra for sticking up for his teammate…. even though his teammate was dead wrong, it should be cool for Canucks fans to see him already doing some of those leadership type things. Unlike, say, Bieksa who was busy throwing a fit when all of this was going down.

    The only problem with what Malhotra said was that the fan did nothing physical to start an altercation. He was clapping and cheering that an opponent/tough guy was thrown out of the game. Lets be real… THAT’S WHY YOU BUY THOSE SEATS! So they can actually hear you when you say something! Its one of those things athletes, while they might not like it, have to deal with… It comes with the territory when getting paid millions to play a game for a living.

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