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  1. This is insane. Telling referees that they aren’t able to use a tool that 500 million people use as one of, if not the, primary means of communicating with friends and family is just wrong. Particularly since referees have to spend so much time on the road. Banning any comments on games or the NHL in general I can sort of understand. This is Orwellian and I hope it creates a furor that causes the NHL to rescind the policy.

    How long before twitter, blogs or any form of public interaction are also banned? Why not just lock refs away, only releasing them at game time to be criticized for every call because they have a boss in Colin Campbell who lacks any sort of consistency or discernable agenda.

    You might be able to tell I am a bit outraged at this. I love hockey, but the people in charge are constantly fucking it up.

  2. How the hell else am I supposed to contact Kelly Sutherland for constantly screwing my team? Its all fun and games until the NHL gets involved….

    For the record, I’m posting this article on Facebook… because I’m still legally allowed to.

  3. I suspect this came from the collective bargaining agreement with the officials that was just wrapped up before the season. It might be now fully accepted by both the officials’ union and the league, making it legally binding.

  4. I was wondering that too ack. If it is true I hope the referees got something major in return for it because they are giving up a lot of freedom when a policy of NHL topics being off limits would have been more than sufficient.

  5. @ ack – That’s a great point. I hadn’t thought of that. Although if that’s the case, I wonder why the Facebook accounts had to be turned off this week, as opposed to two weeks ago when the season started.

  6. [...] and the teams use these to share news, highlights and behind-the-scenes footage with fans. While the NHL doesn’t really have a social media policy at this point, they seem to have no problem with players using social media (unless they use it like Paul [...]

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