The Dump and Chase – 10/25/2010

Nylander Suffers Broken Neck in AHL Game

The good news is that Michael Nylander seems to be in stable condition, judging by translation of this article.  We’ll have more on this story as news is available, you can check out a translated excerpt via KuklasKorner.

A Reminder of the JFJ Era, Why Not?

Seeing as the Toronto Maple Leafs have lost three straight games and fans are settling into the reality that their club will probably lose a few more, perhaps it’s time for a reminder that things aren’t THAT bad.  Five Minutes for Fighting runs down the Top-10 Dumbest Moves of the JFJ Era.  If memory serves, a couple of these re-signings (Tucker, McCabe) were what the fans wanted at the time, although I’m sure the inclusion of NTC and the term were waaay off.

About Last Night

There was a moment during the Calgary Flames/San Jose Sharks game last night where I thought a 7-0 outcome was a possibility.  One look at the scoring chances and you can see that if it weren’t for Antero Niittymaki, the Flames’ domination of the Sharks last night could have been much, much uglier on the score sheet.

Not That We Condone This Kind of Behavior

From The Rink brings us The Five Annoying Fans Rick Rypien SHOULD Have Attacked.

Who Says Michael Del Zotto’s Shot Can’t Break A Pane of… Camera Lens?

Awesome clip spotted at Puck Daddy.