The Dump and Chase – 10/27/2010

Don’t let the President use the fax machine…

NHL Looks to Raise Ticket Prices

The NHL, like the other pro sports in North America, are looking to take advantage the dwindling great recession by jacking up ticket prices.  Surely, this can’t be applicable to the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose average ticket price is already $53.43 higher than any American team’s at a whopping $115.96.  The Dallas Stars currently have the lowest average cost at $29.68, all figures are in terms of American dollars.

20 Days Later

It’s kinda a whole lot of ridiculous that the Carolina Hurricanes are just hosting their home opener tonight.  The Washington Capitals roll into RBC 20 days after the season began to mark the opening of the Hurricanes’ season on the home front.

Tom Lysiak’s Classic ‘Lewd Gesture’

Somehow, this clip from Puck Daddy didn’t take the internet by storm yesterday.  It should have.

Bernier Watch

According to LA Kings Insider, Jonathan Bernier will receive his third start of the season tonight versus Chicago.

Go Bananas!