The mustache train keeps rolling today.  If you haven’t seen Part I of this list, then please give it a look before emailing us death threats over the exclusion of player X.  Then, you can look for Part III which is currently intended to be the final installment of the series, later this week.  HOTH is also participating in the Movember festivities, we’ll be posting our progress throughout the month and you can find out more and even donate to our team here.

Back to the task at hand, the continuing celebration of some of the NHL’s greatest displays of mustache growing ability.  We’ve got a few more greats today, and a couple of lesser known players, but the shot of Jacques Martin sporting a ‘stache during the 1987 playoffs might be the winner.  Here we go with The NHL’s Greatest Mustaches, Part II!

Jacques Martin

Billy Smith

Glenn “Chico” Resch

Nigel Dawes

Gaston Gingras

Jay Miller

Jeff Odgers

Gilbert Perreault

Rick Kehoe

Dave “The Hammer” Schultz and Orest Kindrachuk

Rob Ramage

Rogie Vachon

John Wensink

Comments (7)

  1. Where’s Dave Babych?

  2. I’m very seldom impressed by Jacques Martin, but, damn, that’s an impressive stache.

    As these pictures show, the mustache is clearly a lost art.

  3. Better question….Where is Mike Gartner? He had a gentleman’s stache…

  4. Guys, we had to save some of the best for Part III. We will not disappoint!

  5. Stortini. Shaved it now, but dang thqat was one dirty mo.

  6. [...] eyes on the mustache prowess of greats like Dennis Maruk, Lanny MacDonald, Pat Burns and others.  Part II featured a rare shot of Jacques Martin rocking a nifty duster, as well as the handlebars of Jeff Odgers to go along with the lip-bush [...]

  7. Anyone named Gaston has to have a moustache. It’s the law.

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