Most NHL teams start each new season with a new slogan.  These slogans are meant to represent the team, but they are also designed to represent the team’s fanbase and make to people excited enough that they tune into the games or head down to the arena to watch in person.

If you missed our look at the Central Division slogans, you can find that here. Today we’re going to continue our look at these slogans and see how well they accomplish their goals.  Do the slogans represent the team and the region or were they simply dreamed up by a room filled with marketing executives holding dictionaries of buzzwords?

Today: The Pacific Division

The Pacific Division is often ignored by many NHL fans. Three of the teams (Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Jose) play in Pacific time (hence the division’s name) and so many fans rarely stay up to catch their games. Out of the five teams in the division, two of them have won the Stanley Cup: The Anaheim Ducks and the Dallas Stars. All of these teams play in warm climates, so how do they market a cold sport on a warm, sunny day?

Anaheim Ducks

It’s a little simple, but it makes its point heard.  It definitely seems like a bunch of marketing executives sat around a boardroom table and tossed out buzzwords before stumbling upon “Dedication” though.  We’ll give the slogan some points for including the Ducks logo as the second D.

Dallas Stars
A look at the Dallas Stars’ website didn’t really give any indication of a slogan.  However, we did find some other evidence of how the Stars market their team:

As a male fan, that’s hard to argue with.  However, how do female fans feel about it?

Los Angeles Kings

The slogan is good, but we could do without the equal signs.  ”Pride.  Passion.  Power.” would have worked just as well.  This is another slogan that suffers from buzzword overload.

Phoenix Coyotes

There are so many possible jokes here.  We’re not sure what marketing genius came up with the idea to use the phrase “Don’t Blink” for a team that often looks like it could be heading out of town at any minute.  Sure, it’s supposed to convey the speed of the sport, and it does a good job at doing so, but making it the Coyotes’ slogan just seems a little mean.

San Jose Sharks

It doesn’t look like the Sharks are really using a slogan this year.  They’ve decided to focus on their history and celebrate the team’s 20th anniversary.  It makes sense.  A lot of people still look at the Sharks as “an expansion team” so it’s a good idea for the team to point out that they’ve been around the league for a long time.  Honestly though, we never thought we’d see the day where the Sharks’ franchise is older than a good portion of their fans.  Time is a cruel mistress.