Joe Thornton has been suspended 2 games for his hit on David Perron of the St. Louis Blues.  Justice hammer.

Tomlinson blogged the incident late Thursday night, and he quickly ran down Thornton’s criminal past:  “Thornton does have a history with NHL discipline, but his small list of crimes started a decade ago, and he hasn’t been suspended since 2002. He has been suspended three times in his career for a total of seven games.”  The suspension is moderately surprising given the play in question.  Thornton’s hit was a greaseball move, stupid and out of character for the big man, but it wasn’t a vicious check to the head.  Perhaps Thornton’s rap sheet came into play in the NHL’s decision making process.

Anyway, we’ve rounded up reaction from Twitter!  Here’s the best of what we found:

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  1. keep your head up ! hockey is a tough sport! go play in sweden! thorton hit totally 100% fine with real men!

  2. dont look down for too long your playing with real men!!

  3. thats the way thorton should be playing game in game out! good for thorton felt good to cream the guy the a clean hit like that!

  4. what is there a bunch of sissy girls running this hockey league!run by some guy who has never played hockey!

  5. “Known monster Joe Thornton was today the victim of the arbitrary whims of some bloke in an office”

    Pure gold.

  6. Perron should have got 2 for charging! He ran right into Thornton. The contact was created by Perron. 2 games? What a joke…

  7. @ big rick:

    Four comments?

    Also, it’s probably fair to point out that whatever else Colin Campbell is, he does have some experience with the game – doesn’t make him right, but he’s no outsider.

  8. ive lost all faith in nhl disipline.
    thorton gets to games for body checking.
    and danny briere gets 3 for literally assaulting a guy on the ice.
    im gunna try not to spew profanity but its prettty hard when this is so outrageous i mean the NHLPA should be all over this i mean body checking someone and assaulting someone with your stick are punished the same way? WTF??!! my god this is dumb.

  9. [...] problem with headshots.  Joe Thornton indicated his confusion after receiving his suspension for a blindside hit on Perron last Thursday night.“It’s not like I’m a headhunter or I’m this vicious player,” Thornton [...]

  10. [...] that was dirty, but not definitively illegal.  Some would argue that justice took its course when Thornton was ejected and subsequently suspended, but Chase is probably not alone in his frustration with the lack of response on Saturday [...]

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