Following up on a CBC Sports story from Thursday which claimed that Edmonton Oilers’ first overall pick Taylor Hall and his father made it their mission to secure the No. 4 from Kevin Lowe; both Hall and the Oilers say that Mark Seidel’s column is total fabrication.

The Edmonton Sun reports that Kevin Lowe “vehemently denied” the CBC story’s allegations by Seidel, North American Central Scouting’s chief scout.  The Sun’s Robert  Tychkowski reports that “Hall himself rolled his eyes at the story”.  Judging by these comments from Hall in the Sun report, young No. 4 had a good sense of humour regarding the “obsession” angle in Seidel’s attack piece:

“I was prepared to wear 19, 44, I had a few numbers in mind,” he said, adding it’s ridiculous that somebody in his position would try a power play before he’d even played an NHL game.

“I wasn’t even on the team yet! It’s kind of hard to have a number unless you‚re on the team.

“I’m not worried about me, I can take this stuff because I know what happened, but it’s tough when they say things like Team Hall.”

Hall then laughed at the CBC headline about his “obsession” with No.4.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “Back home we don’t even have paint on the walls of our house, just a whole bunch of 4s.”

Fans of the Oilers should consider themselves blessed that Hall didn’t end up with the No. 44.  That thing is cursed in Edmonton having been the sweater of Sheldon Souray and Chris Pronger, too.  A reclamation job is in order, but you don’t want to take any chances with your prized pick.

It should be noted that calls from the Edmonton Sun to CBC and for clarification were not returned.  I wrote yesterday that Seidel’s piece sounded like a “thinly veiled attack” on Hall and his family, which is exactly what it appears to be.  If Seidel is intent on defending his stance, he’ll need to cite a source for the information  he reported.  Otherwise, it’s a serious dent on the reputation of someone who in his position with NACS should exercise a little more professionalism.

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