Most NHL teams start each new season with a new slogan.  These slogans are meant to represent the team, but they are also designed to represent the team’s fanbase and make to people excited enough that they tune into the games or head down to the arena to watch in person.

You can find our look at the Central Division Slogans and Pacific Division Slogans by following those links.  Today we’re going to continue our look at these slogans and see how well they accomplish their goals.  Do the slogans represent the team and the region or were they simply dreamed up by a room filled with marketing executives holding dictionaries of buzzwords?

Today: The Northwest Division

The Northwest Division is one of the two NHL divisions that contains Canadian teams.  In addition to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, the division also includes Colorado and Minnesota.  All of these teams play in strong hockey markets, so you would think that it wouldn’t take much to promote the sport in this division.  So what do these teams do?

Calgary Flames

It doesn’t look like the Flames have chosen a slogan for their team this year.  At least the website doesn’t have any slogans on it.  We’ve always liked “The C of Red” but that’s not an official slogan or anything.

Colorado Avalanche

Seriously?  ”Its all about the A” sounds like a sequel to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”   We like how they included the team’s logo and they didn’t overdo the marketing buzzwords, but we can’t help but giggle and think of rapping about big butts when we hear this slogan.  Maybe that’s a sign of our own immaturity and not a problem with the marketing campaign though.

Edmonton Oilers

This is a good one.  Oil comes from Alberta.  The team is named the Oilers.  They enter the ice through a giant oil rig.  It truly is Oil Country.

Minnesota Wild

Not bad.  The slogan embraces the long history of Minnesota hockey (not just the Wild) and makes it all feel very meaningful.  We can’t help but think that it’s a little dull though.

Vancouver Canucks

Like a few other teams who are celebrating anniversaries this year, the Canucks’ website doesn’t make any mention of a team slogan.  We like the logo for the anniversary and using it to brand the team is a good idea.  It’s definitely better than “We Are All Canucks,” which they’ve used in the past.