The Dump and Chase – 11/17/2010

He Is Who We Thought He Was

Aww, look at Damien Cox.  He really wanted to mix it up at his book signing last night, and let his disappointment be known on Twitter late Tuesday night.  Had I known it meant so much to him I’d have shown up myself and challenged him to an arm wrestling match, or at least some shuffleboard.

Growing Goalies

Neat post from In Goal Magazine, NHL goalies are apparently 84% taller than they were a decade ago.  Thanks to hulking netminders like Anders Lindback and Devan Dubnyk, the average NHL goaltender is 6’2″ tall – up from an average of 6′ in 1999-2000.  There’s some other great comparitive tidbits in David Hutchison’s post, too.

P.K. Subban’s Magic Stick

Montreal’s P.K. Subban had some help from a former teammate’s stick.

Here’s an Interesting Rumour

As with any rumour, please exercise some caution with this juicy Jarome Iginla to the Kings buzz.

Lehtonen With A Couple Of Big Saves

One-on-One with Tyler Dellow of