The HOTH Guide to the Loose Moose

There seems to be a lot of questions floating around the web today regarding the Loose Moose Tap & Grill in Toronto. Ever since Damien Cox tweeted his dismay at the lack of confrontation he faced while at his own book signing, Canadians living outside of Toronto and our hockey obsessed American brethren have been wanting to know what the deal is.

The influx of emails and direct messages that we’ve received for clarification on what the Loose Moose exactly is, has been overwhelming. Rather than replying to everyone individually, we here at Houses of the Hockey figured a quick post on Loose Moose was probably the easiest thing to do.

In an effort to provide clarity, and to dispel several common misconceptions – here is the HOTH Guide to the Loose Moose:

1. The Loose Moose is to the people of Toronto what a courtroom is to the rest of Western Civilization
. If you have a quarrel in Toronto, you settle it at the Loose Moose. Like hockey, fisticuffs are optional, but you can bet on getting more respect if you settle your beef physically.  This explains Damien Cox’s outrage at the lack of opponents that showed up on Tuesday night. You see, the event very easily could have been held at nearby Jack Astor’s or Joe Badali’s, but by having the signing at the Loose Moose – Cox essentially extended an open invitation to his detractors.

2. True or false – the Loose Moose is a common gathering place for Toronto Maple Leafs fans.
This is indeed true. The Loose Moose is a very spacious joint that offers an array of the finest beers and one helluva plate of chicken fingers. Although it is not advertised on their website, the Loose Moose is an established hangout for fans of Big Blue, especially given its close proximity to the Air Canada Centre.

Much like the platinum section at the ACC, seats at the Loose Moose often appear to be empty during the actual game. Those that are lucky enough to possess Maple Leafs’ tickets usually bust-out just prior to puck drop, many others head further down Front Street during the actual hockey game for sushi and fine Italian wines, just like their platinum section counterparts.

3. Can I watch a Toronto Raptors basketball game at the Loose Moose?

In a word, no. Hell hath no fury like a Loose Moose crowd raining down on an unsuspecting basketball fan on hockey night. This goes for nights when there’s no Leafs games, too. Leafs fans and Raptors fans DO NOT MIX, remember that. Same company, same boss, yadda yadda yadda – doesn’t matter. Unless you’re the Leafs, fans are reserved for the playoffs only.

4. If I attended Cox’s book signing, could I really have successfully confronted him?

We’re going with no. Tuesday’s event at the Loose Moose also featured book signings by TSN’s Bob MacKenzie and James Duthie, too. Bob MacKenzie is a hockey dad, remember – no way you would have gotten past him on your way to socking Cox on the chin. No way.

5. What should I eat if I go to the Loose Moose?

This question was a common one in the emails we received. Many people were under the impression that the Loose Moose featured a menu full of moose meat, which is not really the case. The Loose Moose offers a great selection of pub fare and several chef-worthy entrees. We recommend trying the bacon cheeseburger nachos, and for the moose enthusiast we suggest the moose bacon and Canadian cheddar cheeseburger.

Damien Cox’s favourite menu item is unknown, although, we’ve heard he could be spotted chowing down on a nice plate of humble pie earlier on Wednesday.