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  1. Last night the Leafs did not win the hockey game agianst the Preds. The refs must have had a bundle on the Laffs. That was the worst game ever offficiated. Everybody says what a comeback, especilly the assholes on TV. You asskissers should be fired, you can sit back and say that was a great game. Thats not hockey, thats making sure nobody tells it like it is. BURKE you suck, your drafting sucks(1st rd.Shen, Kadri). You might as well trade away those 1st picks because you suck at picking them. You should have kept Moore, but every time he goes home his brother injurys remind him of who caused those injurys. And every time you see him you should look away because one day Burke someone is going to get you for ordering his brother hunted.

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