Most NHL teams start each new season with a new slogan.  These slogans are meant to represent the team, but they are also designed to represent the team’s fanbase and make to people excited enough that they tune into the games or head down to the arena to watch in person.

You can find our look at the Central Division SlogansPacific Division Slogans and Northwest Division Slogans by following those links.  Today we’re going to continue our look at these slogans and see how well they accomplish their goals.  Do the slogans represent the team and the region or were they simply dreamed up by a room filled with marketing executives holding dictionaries of buzzwords?

Today: The Southeast Division

Southeast Division teams aren’t located in traditional hockey hotbeds, but that doesn’t mean they’re not successful.  Both the Tampa Bay Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup and the Washington Capitals are a league powerhouse.  However, since the teams play in regions that aren’t typically known for hockey, how do they advertise themselves?

Atlanta Thrashers

Well, it’s better than “Blueland” or whatever they were trying to push a while ago.  We can understand why the Thrashers would market the physicality of the game, seeing as how hockey isn’t that big in Atlanta and the Thrashers haven’t ever really had any success, but it seems like they’re going for the lowest common denominator here.  Referring to the game as “Brutal” plays up more negative images of hockey than it does positive ones, doesn’t it?

Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes are apparently without a slogan this season.  They seem to be plugging the All-Star Game more than the Hurricanes which makes sense.  It’s probably takes a lot of effort to sell a completely meaningless hockey game in Carolina.

Florida Panthers

The Panthers are without a slogan as well.  We could be cruel and suggest they use “Remember us?  We made the playoffs a decade ago,” but that would just be mean.  Oops.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Apparently hockey is poker in Tampa Bay.  The slogan isn’t really accurate though.  When you’re “all in,” you’re betting everything on one hand.  This isn’t a do or die year in Tampa Bay.  We guess it could mean “we give all of our effort in every game,” but it’s still an awkward slogan.

Washington Capitals

We were expecting “Rock the Red,” but the Caps have “Red is Caps Hockey” listed on their website.  Despite being grammatically incorrect, the slogan isn’t bad.  However, there are several other NHL teams that wear red and Detroit has the word “Red” in their nickname, so the colour isn’t exclusive to Washington.  The Caps also have “Building America’s Hockey Capital” on their site.  We like the reference to the Capital but, again, the Red Wings may have something to say about that slogan.