It’s safe to say this past week has featured an insane amount of hockey news. From annoying news to downright scary news, all the way to good news, we saw it all. Basically this translates into another edition of your favourite end of the week hockey thoughts.

Today, I’m turning my attention to Carey Price’s great play, Steven Stamkos and some potential hilarity in Marc Savard’s eventual return.

Carey Price’s play downplays how poorly the Canadiens handled Halak’s value
Carey Price has silenced critics with his great play so far this season. It’s just what the doctor ordered for Price and the Montreal Canadiens, especially considering how well Jaroslav Halak started the year in St. Louis. While it looks like the Canadiens made the right decision (for the record, I agree with the decision of trading Halak), I still think they traded him too early. They could have easily created a bidding war between teams, or at least further maximized his value by waiting to trade him weeks later at the Entry Draft. The return of Lars Eller and Ian Schultz was good, but they could have gotten more.

Price’s outstanding play masks the fact that Canadiens did not play their most valuable asset very well this past summer. If Price hadn’t started the season so well, fans would be far more upset with the return Halak fetched. This might come back to haunt the Habs several years down the road.

Can Steven Stamkos hit 70 goals this year?
The thought of any NHL player hitting 70 goals in one season in today’s game is crazy. Or so I thought. But looking at the stats following the hilarious goal-fest that was the Lightning-Flyers game from Thursday night, Steven Stamkos now has a league high 19 goals in 19 games.

In the 2007-2008 season, Alex Ovechkin scored 65 goals and a career high 112 points. Ovechkin scored 21 of those goals during a 19 game stretch in the middle of the season (obviously his best 19 game stretch of that year). To make matters more interesting, Ovechkin didn’t have the kind of start that year that Stamkos has had this year (Ovechkin started the 07-08 year with 13 goals in his first 19 games).

Do you think Stammer can hit 70 this season?

Marc Savard’s return could mean more trouble for Campbell
Reports suggest Marc Savard could be looking at a December return to the Boston Bruins. Although the timing could be worse, the revelation of Colin Campbell’s true feelings about Savard might stick around for awhile. While it’s understood the Bruins are likely to make a few trades between now and Savard’s return, one has to laugh at the situation a bit. The Bruins currently have five centers in their line up: Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, Tyler Seguin, Brad Marchand and so fittingly Greg Campbell (Colin’s son). Whenever Savard returns, he will undoubtedly resume playing center. It’s possible Seguin could be moved to a wing position, but the Bruins will still have too many centers. I can’t see them trading any of the aforementioned players either (Campbell’s probably the only center the Bruins might be willing to trade, but I doubt there’s a market for him at the moment).

Greg Campbell is set to earn $1.1 Million this year and next and could possibly find himself as the odd man out, all because of Savard’s return. There’s no faking this one, Colin. Things are about to get even more awkward for the Campbell’s.