List: The Greatest NHLers, By Colour

Here at Houses of the Hockey are always looking for ways to bring you new and innovative lists.  Sometimes it’s tough to come up with a topic that is worthy of a good old fashioned list, so we hit the internet to see what’s already been done and what hasn’t.  One type of list that we had a difficult time finding was a proper ranking of NHL players by colour.  We put on our CCM thinking helmets and came up with what we feel is the most comprehensive ranking of hockey players by colour ever produced.

Here is the NHL’s Greatest Players, By Colour:


We chose to look at Whites first, because there’s more of them than any other colour, especially right now.  It was a tough decision because there’s so many good Whites that all play such different games.  We essentially whittled the list down to three players, all currently active.  Ian White, Colin White, and Todd White are all quality NHL veterans.

In the end, we gave the nod to Colin White because he’s won two Stanley Cups with the New Jersey Devils.


With all due respect to Dustin Brown, and we’re risking a serious beat down from Dave Brown here – former NHL defenceman Jeff Brown is the greatest Brown to lace ‘em up to this point.  We gave Jeff Brown the edge based on his impressive playoff totals and because his career high in points is 18 points higher than Dustin Brown’s.

One day you’ll be the greatest Brown, Dustin.


The NHL has had a few players named Green that have played over the years.  Rick Green was former 1st overall pick by the Washington Capitals, but failed to live up to that billing – still a servicable player nonetheless.  We’re giving the advantage to current Washington Capitals defenceman Mike Green.

It took every ounce of integrity we have to refrain from naming 1920s left winger Red Green as the top Green.  That’s his real name, no shitting.


This one was easy; Don Cherry’s dog Blue never played hockey, so it’s obvious that John Blue is the greatest Mr. Blue of all-time.


The greatest Black to every play in the NHL is former 5th round choice of the Hartford Whalers, James Black.  Drafted in 1989, Black went on to play 352 games with the Whalers, Minnesota North Stars, Dallas Stars, Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Blackhawks, and Washington Capitals.


There was little competition for Terry Gray, who played in 147 NHL games.


Almond’s popularity as a legitimate colour may be up for debate, but Cody Almond is easily the greatest Almond to ever play in the NHL.

Honourable Mentions

Patrick Maroon, Bob Goldham, Rob Brown, Wade Redden, Eldon “Pokey” Reddick, Matt Greene