The Dump and Chase – 11/22/2010

Paul Bissonnette Loses His Phone

Part-time NHLer and full-time internet phenomenon, Paul Bissonnette, lost his cellphone while the Phoenix Coyotes were in Edmonton on Friday.  @BizNasty2point0, and he’s much more affectionately known on Twitter, expects Shane Doan, Ed Jovanovski, and Sidney Crosby to start receiving random calls from strangers – I’m more worried that Bissonnette will be the next purveyor of athlete dong.

The Decline of Chris Drury

Rob Luker of Blueshirt Banter applies Kent Wilson Decline of Jarome Iginla model to Chris Drury of the New York Rangers.  The result is a refreshing look at Drury that goes beyond the injuries and concussions.

An Open Challenge to Tanner Glass, NHL Scrabblers

Some funny stuff from Pass It To Bulis this morning; Tanner Glass of the Canucks is apparently a big fan of Scrabble.  PITB want to challenge Glass to a game, and they run down a list of other NHL personalities that dabble in scrabble… like Colin Campbell: “Colin Campbell scrabbles, but he refuses to play Sorry.”

Goalie Goes Hextall in AHL Game

Via Puck Central

P.K. Subban and Inevitable Racism Talk

Recently maligned Montreal Canadiens P.K. Subban is the topic of Bruce dip-dip-dip Dowbiggin’s latest Usual Suspects column, in which insinuated racism is front and centre.  I didn’t see this, but Glenn Healy reportedly said Subban is “not having any of this monkey business” during HNIC on Saturday.  Healy’s words, although not intended to cause any harm, were as Dowbiggin refers to them: “unfortunate”.  Don Cherry is barking about Subban’s “cockiness” too, so that means there’s gotta be racial undertones – if you’re of the hyper sensitive set.  People best be letting P.K. Subban play hockey the way he plays hockey, or imma start handing out punches to the groin.

Ron MacLean Gets It Right

Puck Daddy has video and commentary on Ron MacLean and the HNIC crew discussing the continuing disappointment that is Colin Campbell and accountability.

Corey Perry and Longest Own Goal