Most NHL teams start each new season with a new slogan.  These slogans are meant to represent the team, but they are also designed to represent the team’s fanbase and make to people excited enough that they tune into the games or head down to the arena to watch in person.

You can find our look at the Central Division SlogansPacific Division SlogansNorthwest Division Slogans and Southeast Division Slogans by following those links.  Today we’re going to continue our look at these slogans and see how well they accomplish their goals.  Do the slogans represent the team and the region or were they simply dreamed up by a room filled with marketing executives holding dictionaries of buzzwords?

Today: The Atlantic Division

The Atlantic Division is one of the toughest and most successful divisions in the NHL.  It is the only division where every team has won the Stanley Cup.  In fact, every team in the division has won the Stanley Cup at least twice.  The teams are also very close to one another geographically, which leads to some very fierce rivalries.  So how does this division market itself?  Does it even need slogans to stir up emotion?

New Jersey Devils

It doesn’t get much cooler than this.  In fact, if you threw in an apostrophe before the S, you’d have the greatest slogan in sports.  You’d also have Christian groups enraged, so that might not be a good idea.  This is definitely a quality slogan though.

New York Islanders

The Islanders apparently don’t have a slogan this year.  We think this is a little strange since this certainly seems like a time in their history when they need to market the team.  Apparently “Remember when we used to win Stanley Cups?” didn’t sound all that good to team officials…

New York Rangers

The Rangers are taking the opportunity to celebrate their 85th anniversary.  They’re one of the oldest NHL teams, so it makes sense for them to be playing up that fact this season.  It’s a nice logo and, accompanied with their new heritage jersey, it makes the anniversary feel special without overdoing it.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers are going without a slogan as well.  They’ve instead chosen to brag about their success last season and let the rest of the conference know that they’re the defending champions.  It seems like a sound strategy.

Pittsburgh Penguins

After an excellent slogan – “It’s A Great Day For Hockey” – a few years ago, the Penguins have really fallen apart in the marketing department.  Their slogan last year  - “Defy Ordinary” – was just terrible and this current one isn’t much better.  We understand that they’re promoting their new arena here, but it just screams “Marketing Buzzwords.”