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It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s Puck Daddy’s Hockey Rumours Live Chat time. We call it ‘rumours’ up here in Canada, while our American brethren call ‘em ‘rumors’. Potato – potato(w)? Whatever it is, it’s chat time, please join us as we join Greg Wyshynski and the usual cast of lunatics beginning at 2 PM ET.

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  1. What do you think the Leafs are going to do to acquire a first line centre? Savard? Richards (Brad) . Also what assets do you think the Leafs will have to move to get one of these guys? Kaberle…..

  2. As much as top tier centre would really help the Toronto Maple Leafs, I think it’s going to be difficult to get Richards. Kaberle makes the most sense to move from the Leafs perspective with one year remaining on his deal – but there’s the issue of the NTC, of course. Assuming Nieuwendyk will even move Richards (might contend plus they could be players for him when he’s a UFA, too), it’s probably going to have net a good prospect or two in return along with an everyday player. The Stars fleeced the Tampa Bay Lightning when they acquired Richards for Mike Smith, Halpern, and Jussi Jokinen, at least in hindsight. This is just me speculating here, but I imagine that Nieuwendyk and co. would want to land a pretty promising return – especially given Richards’ resurgent value.

    Brian Burke and the Leafs may be better off waiting to make a play for Richards when/if he becomes a UFA on July 1st.

    Savard, if he’s healthy, can really help Boston… I don’t know if he’s going to be available.

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