Are The Blue Jackets Too Blue?

It seems like just yesterday when there was too much black in the NHL.

The Columbus Blue Jackets unveiled their third jersey yesterday (image above from their official website) and it already looks somewhat familiar.  The jerseys are quite nice, but the Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers and St. Louis Blues may have something to say about the look, as it’s pretty similar to their own third jersey designs.

Now the team is called the Blue Jackets, so it makes sense that the jersey would be blue.  While we’re talking about it, the St. Louis Blues can make a similar argument.  It wouldn’t be right for either of those teams to have different coloured jerseys, since they have a colour in their name.  It would be like the Red Wings deciding to wear yellow.

The Pittsburgh Penguins may have a case as well, since their third jersey is based off of the team’s original design and colours.  Their new Winter Classic jersey isn’t a throwback, but it’s based on previous looks as well.

The Florida Panthers?  No one knows why they jumped into this trend, other than to sell more merchandise.  In our eyes, the Panthers looked their best when they were wearing red.

Of course, the blue jersey trend doesn’t stop here.  The Colorado Avalanche have a blue third jersey.  So do the Tampa Bay Lightning (though there’s is a different shade of blue and it’s far from retro-inspired.)

And it’s not just third jerseys either.  The Thrashers, Sabres, Oilers, Predators, Islanders, Rangers, Leafs and Canucks also wear uniforms that are primarily blue.  Some of those teams have been wearing those colours for decades though, so there’s really no way to make a case that they have jumped on the blue bandwagon.

Ultimately though, the recent rash of blue, retro-inspired jerseys is another example of how NHL teams lack creativity when designing their jerseys.

Puck Drawn has a great template for designing a new third jersey should any other team feel like adopting a similar look.

Comments (6)

  1. No originality whatsoever. The whole circled logo on the chest thing is played out, the Panthers called – they want the jersey they stole from the Penguins back.

  2. Agreed wholeheartedly.

  3. This uni wouldn’t be a problem if this were 5 years ago. As is, it’s played out, tired.


  4. Why does every franchise feel the need to market a 3rd jersey. With the exception of Pittsburgh’s throwback versions most teams’ 3rd jerseys are far inferior to their regularly worn jerseys. This is the case for the Blue Jackets, although not exactly ugly their regular home and away jerseys are far nicer, in my opinion. If I was to buy a Columbus jersey it would be one of their home or away regularly worn jerseys. Why buy a 3rd jersey ? Because it’s new ? A novelty ? I don’t think so. I would rather buy a regular and nicer jersey. This 3rd jersey marketing scheme, for the most part, is unecessary, out of control,
    and not as lucrative as one might think. It’s kind of stupid actually.

  5. montreal has the best thrid jerseys in the league!!

  6. Waaaay too many stripes on the bottom of the jersey and on the arms. Should have kept it cleaner. Kinda like the logo, though.

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