Just one game in the NHL for Thursday, November 25.

Colorado Avalanche vs. Edmonton Oilers 9:00 PM ET

Just being honest here, we’re about as excited for this contest as Howie Rose during a TV timeout on a Sunday afternoon Islanders/Thrashers telecast.

Ron Barr’s got nothing today because he’s celebrating American Thanksgiving.  Even if he did, it’d make no sense since he’s always calling the Avalanche “the Nordiques” and talking about how Stephane Fiset will be great one day.

Prediction: Oilers with the upset.  Boom.

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  1. Scott, how are you getting the custom Ron Barr images? Surely you’re not hacking an NHL94 ROM every night.

  2. Actually, Scott Herkes and I create a new one every day from a template we made. Time consuming for a game preview post? YES. Too much fun, though.

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