The Dump and Chase – 11/25/2010

Retribution for Niemi

Antti Niemi and the San Jose Sharks really thumped the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night.  Niemi is still a no good mook, but he’d probably be an upgrade from Marty Turco right about now.

Don Cherry Backs Conservative Politician

Stop the presses, the Globe and Mail reports that Don Cherry is throwing his support behind former disgraced police officer – turned Conservative party hopeful – Julian Fantino  in an upcoming Vaughan by-election.  Cherry’s voice is making the rounds on an automated phone message in support of his “good friend, Julian Fantino”.

OHL Commissioner Cracking Down on Geek Fights

Neat story from Neate Sager at Buzzing The Net, OHL commissioner David Branch is set to institute a new rule this Friday that is aimed at players who “fight, prior to, or at the drop of the puck at the commencement of any period.”  Why the sudden crack down on staged fights?  Players are reportedly issuing and accepting challenges over the Internets, most likely on the Facebook!

Mark Messier, Unidentified Local Edmonton Person

The NHL’s Historical “Growth Spurt”

An interesting look at the increasing size of NHL players from BehindTheNet;

“What I want to call attention to is that we can’t lose sight of the fact that the hockey world is not completely separate from the outside world, whether it be demographics, economy, etc.  We’d like to think ideological shifts were solely what made players larger, or it was a natural progression, but somewhere in there are players from certain countries that had less food on their plate growing up.  We are not bigger than the greater workings of our environments.”

Looking at Jordan Eberle

Great stuff as usual from Lowetide.  He likens Edmonton Oilers rookie Jordan Eberle to one of “… those guys that always end up in Detroit” – and that’s a really good thing.

Milan Lucic “Love Letters” Advice

Milan Lucic makes my pants tight, Days of Y’Orr has compiled a series of videos from asking Lucic for love life advice.

Steven Stamkos – He Goes In, Or The Puck Goes In… Something Goes In