With the recent debut of the Columbus Blue Jackets new third jersey, many NHL teams now have a blue jersey of some type.  While there has been a great deal of outcry about the lack of originality of the jerseys, they’re not badly designed.  It’s the fact that several NHL teams have a similar look that’s the problem.

Unfortunately, the case with the jerseys we’re posting today is much different.  These are just ugly jerseys.

Tampa Bay Lightning Current Third Jersey

At least you can’t claim this one isn’t original.  In fact, the colour of the jersey is very unique and looks great.  It’s the word “BOLTS” plastered across the front that completely ruins it.

Atlanta Thrashers Current Home Jersey

The Thrashers have had a version of this jersey since 2003.  The asymmetry and the “ATLANTA” down one sleeve just destroy what wouldn’t be that bad of a design otherwise.

Buffalo Sabres Home Jersey, 2006-2010

This jersey exemplifies everything that is wrong with the Reebok Edge style of jersey.  The strange lines, the numbers on the front and the “Buffaslug” are just awful.  Thankfully the Sabres have retired this jersey.

New York Islanders Road Jersey, 1995-1997

The infamous fisherman jersey.  There isn’t much that needs to be said here other than that the worst part of this jersey isn’t even visible in the picture.  The numbers on the back were distorted in order to match the waves that lined the bottom.

Tampa Bay Lightning Third Jersey, 1996-1999

The Lightning return to this list.  Nothing really needs to be said here.  Just look at it.

Vancouver Canucks Third Jersey, 2001-2006

The overall look of it isn’t bad, but a gradient on a jersey?  No.

Of course, no discussion about terrible blue jerseys would be complete without mentioning this one.  The Blues never wore it, but it’s honestly one of the most hideous things we’ve ever seen.  There’s more about it here.

The Uniform Hockey Database has even more terrible jerseys, and a lot of good ones as well.

See?  After looking at these jerseys, the Blue Jackets’ new look isn’t so bad after all, is it?

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  1. Whatever the heck the Sabres were wearing today blow most of those completely out of the water. Even worse than their (in)famous “slug” jerseys. Though I’m not sure if anything is as bad as that Cannucks jersey (one of a long line of ugly Vancouver jerseys).

  2. I was surpised to see my favourite jersey in here. The Canuck’s third jersey from 2001-2006 is my favourite one compared to every other jersey in the NHL.Omg… maybe my preferences are just fucking weird…lol

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