If you thought you’d never see this get called… you’re not alone. Chris Pronger takes a penalty for getting his hand up in Mikka Kiprusoff’s face in overtime, thus canceling out Mike Richards’ apparent game winning goal.

Calgary would win the game by a final of 3-2, in a shootout.

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  1. Wha?! Amazing. I like two things about this: that it happened again; that it got called. I hope this becomes a trend and the attempts to distract get more and more schoolyard.

    Making ‘doy’ faces at the goalie, bunny ears, purple nurples…

  2. this can only get better, like Avery whipping out a cell phone in front of a goalie and calling the goalies girlfriend/wife/favourite stripper

  3. Steve, DLucas – I’m loving this. How about Avery keeps a Sharpie is his skate, signs his stick, offers it to Brodeur… on the ice.

  4. Whipping balls of hockey tape at the goalie from the bench?

    How ’bout Avery wearin’ a goal mask on the power play and mimicking all the goalie’s moves? …(like the Kipper superfan in Calgary who does it from the stands)

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