Thanks Sidney

Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh Penguins

Amidst all the speculation that Sidney Crosby did or didn’t slew foot New York Rangers forward Ryan Callahan on Monday night, something bigger happened.

The play in question doesn’t matter. I don’t care about it and neither should you. Crosby could have done a back-flip leg drop on Callahan and I still wouldn’t care (although if anyone could make that look good, it would probably be Sid the Kid). What matters is Crosby’s post-game interview. Here’s his quote, via Ranger Rants:

“It’s a battle (with Callahan),” Crosby added. “He’s holding me going up ice and I’m trying to push him off. Is it that calculated? I’m trying to get to the net. I’m not worried about that kind of thing. If I tripped him, I tripped him. Am I dirty hockey player? C’mon. I think Dubi is smarter than that.”

Finally Sidney Crosby delivered an honest opinion. For once it wasn’t canned, politically correct or even very nice. It was great. I don’t care about the validity of his comments either. The fact is this might be the most honest and colourful quote of Crosby’s career. Or at least one of the better ones to date.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what Crosby does for hockey. Love him or hate him, he’s a terrific role model for kids and could very well be the most in demand player in hockey today. Everyone wants a piece of the guy. It’s amazing how many interviews, commercials and fundraising/charitable causes he commits to and still performs at an MVP-like level.

But his interviews and quotes are so unbelievably robotic.

Rarely is there any personality in a Crosby quote. It drives me crazy. Fans love players with character and personality. Sometimes I want to hear what he’s really thinking, rather than the canned answer designed to please everyone. It’s probably the only area of Sidney Crosby’s “game” that isn’t very good. I always feel like I never get anything out of a Crosby interview. I always feel like the personality filters are turned up all the way. I do acknowledge that it’s tough balancing personality responsibly, but there’s definitely a happy medium between personality and robotics.

After last night’s Penguins-Rangers game, Crosby defended himself and his actions (or lack thereof, depending how you see the play). Finally we get something real from Sidney. It wasn’t obscene or insulting. It was honest and non-scripted. More importantly, it wasn’t robotic. Good for him.

It’s unlikely this will continue, but it was a nice change of pace for once. Thanks Sidney.