This is not a slew foot

Sidney Crosby’s purported slew foot on Ryan Callahan is setting water coolers on fire this morning.  The haters are coming out in droves to call it a dirty play.  We’ve watched the play dozens of times to try and determine if Crosby actually kicked Callahan’s leg out from under him.  After slowing things down and snapping this screen grab, it looks as though there’s evidence to the contrary.

Here’s the video of the play:

The issue many have with the play is the penalty called on Callahan for interference. Crosby should have been assessed a minor for interference if there was any infraction to be called. Other than that, I’ve got no problem with this play – which is two men jostling for position and one being thrown down.

It became and issue when the Rangers’ Brandon Dubinsky took exception to the play during the 1st intermission:

What do you say, was this a slew foot or did the Rangers and Brandon Dubinsky fabricate this out of frustration?

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  1. what’s the evidence to the contrary? you’re leaving me hanging.

  2. never played hockey before huh?

  3. a) crosby took position on callahan w/ his skate behind cally’s leg.

    b) as he tripped him w/ his feet, Crosby pushed Cally’s chest w/ his hand

    c) that is the definition of a slew foot.

  4. @ John

    Way to take the ‘never played hockey’ angle. I’ve played hockey for 25 years, sir.

  5. Were you blinded by a puck to the face than? Either you can’t see or you have a raging boner for that princess.

  6. Absolutely a slewfoot – no question about it, the ones that do not think so are trying to protect him/defend him. I’ve seen Crosby do it before and he’s never called for it.

  7. @Laura, raging boner = yes. Regardless, it’s a battle for position and any contact between skates is incidental.

  8. The issue is that Crosby’s skate wasn’t behind Callahan’s leg. Therefore, it’s not a slewfoot. The evidence is in the screenshot which clearly shows Crosby’s skate beside Callahan’s leg, not behind it. It definitely looks like he sweeps the leg like Johnny Lawrence when you watch the video at full speed and it’s entirely possible that his skate makes contact with Callahan’s skate, but it’s not a slew foot according to your own definition and it’s complete garbage to call it a dirty play. It’s two players jostling for position, nothing more. There shouldn’t have been an interference penalty on Callahan, but there shouldn’t be this ridiculous uproar over some incidental contact.

  9. Some great unbiased commentary by the Rangers TV guy in the Dubinsky clip…what a joke. “Journalistic Integrity” at its best.

  10. The screenshot shows absolutely nothing. Watch the video from the 3 second mark to the 4 second mark – there is a distinct kicking motion that is clear to see – doesn’t matter if his leg was behind Callahan’s from the beginning, he kicked his skate out while gliding on his left foot. Look at the position of his skates at the 3 second mark. The left skate is facing forward while the right skate has been turned to the right, TOWARDS Callahan’s skate. There is a sweeping/kicking motion and the skate makes contact while it is clearly turned to the right. Even the screenshot shows this.

    Then he puts his hands on Callahan’s chest while having his body turned and pushes on his chest down to the ice. Penalty on Crosby most definitely, if you don’t see that, you’re just blind because you’re a Crosby fan. A call on Callahan was not a bad call, though a little weak.

  11. I have no problem with Callahan getting called for interference, since Crosby got called for “tripping” Avery in the 3rd.

  12. Honestly – I don’t think the Rangers have even played the Pens WITHOUT Dubinsky calling out Crosby for something. Dubinsky’s the biggest cry baby out there. And the reporter knows that and baited him.

    Aside from that, I actually agree the penalty against Callahan was not necessary and a penalty for interference against Crosby should have been called – but that’s after video replay and th refs have different on ice. From the first clip I would have called a Crosby penalty, from the second, I would have let the play just go on. Definitely no intentional slewfoot.

  13. After watching this video multiple times, you can see that Crosby’s leg NEVER makes contact with the back of Callahan’s left foot. Even furthermore, if this contact WAS made in the eyes of Ranger fans, why is it that his left leg never leaves the ground? It’s his RIGHT skate that goes flying up – isn’t that odd? Say what you want; if Crosby is on the Rangers, they forget who Dubinsky even is – if he even still has a starting job.

  14. I don’t like the way this article ends at all: What do you say, was this a slew foot or were did the Rangers and Brandon Dubinsky fabricate this out of frustration?

    I’m going to go ahead and say that whether it was a slew foot or not, at full speed, it definitely appeared to be a slew foot, and given that there are still some conflicting opinions even after the video’s been slowed down and dissected, something Dubinsky clearly hadn’t done during intermission of that game, that suggesting he and the Rangers fabricated the claim goes way too far.

    Either it’s a slew foot or it’s not, but I’ve no question that Dubinsky and the Rangers believed it was, and they clearly aren’t alone in that assessment. Calling their assessment of the play into question is fair. Calling their credibility into question is not.

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  16. Either way, the article says, essentially, “Either this was a slew foot, or Dubinsky’s making things up. And this isn’t a slew foot.” That’s extremely unfair.

  17. I had always assumed it was a slewfoot from all the uproar, but never actually watched it slowed down. The skates dont even touch. Kind of surprising that this many people saw what they wanted to see.

    He threw him down, it could have been interference, but it’s not a slew.

  18. How about who gives an asshair whether or not a ref missed a slewfoot and whether or not Crosby is dirty? everyone just shut up and play hockey.

  19. Here’s your slew foot morons, go to this link,, scroll about all the way down before the comments, and you’ll see the slew foot… or lack there of.

    For all of those who hate Sid because he’s better than your team, look where Sid’s skates are, and look where d-bag Avery’s are. Maybe Avery should have wore his glasses for this one, because I don’t see a “slew foot.” If anything, I see Avery with a hook.

    Thank you, Go Pens.

  20. @ Scott – then you show now the difference between a hockey play and a slew foot. Yeah, they were both battling for position, but Crosby clearly slew footed him. And in the lunacy that is NHL officiating, Callahan was assessed on a penalty on the play.

  21. Crosby’s a douche, but this isn’t a slew foot. At most its interference on Crosby. Not sure how the refs thought Callahan deserved a penalty, but he did stick his arm out when he realized Crosby was going around him, so its not like he was totally blameless.

  22. absolutely was a slew-foot. no question. crosby is a douchebag. everyone outside of pittsburgh and the nhl commissioner’s office will attest to that.
    plus, nobody’s even mentioned that the last time these teams played Cindy skated through the crease, stuck out his skate, and tripped Lundqvist. Of course, there was no penalty on that play either. shocking, i know.

  23. “everyone outside of pittsburgh and the comishs office would attest to that”?? really lol i find it hard to believe that 200k+ pens fans voted for crosby for the all star games….

  24. Hi, thanks for slowing it down. You can see the interference by Callahan in the slow mo easily. Watch what he does, he looks to his left, sees Crosby, and puts out his arm and tries to impede his progress. That is an interference penalty. Crosby was just trying to keep possession of his space. His foot doesnt touch the back of Callahan’s leg so it isnt a slew foot.

  25. Pardon me but I believe we may be seeing two different videos because freeze-framing at the :03 mark shows Crosby clearly kicking out Callahan’s skate from under him. It may not have been intentional but it’s still a slew foot and Crosby should have been penalized.

  26. Scott, if you have played hockey for 25 years you would understand that you do not lift one of your skates off the ice to “battle for position” as your racing towards the puck. If Crosby was battling for position his right skate would be on the outside edge.

    Crosby would have had a lot more leverage on his left inside edge and right outside edge as he was turning into Callahan on his right side, unless of course his intention was to slew foot him.

  27. Clearly you’re not a hockey player dude… there’s not “definition” of what a slew foot is.

    That’s a slew foot right there and it’s not even close…

    He clearly brings his skate back and drives it into Callahans skate… it’s a kicking motion, he’s obviously doing it on purpose… where the foot is when it hits or how he does it does not matter.

    If you played hockey and that happened you’d call it a slew foot and so would anyone else…

  28. Who cares?????? Slew footing happens in almost every game, penalized or not. No one was injured, although a weak penalty was called on Callahan. Get over it.

  29. There is nothing about this play that is not a slew foot. But who cares, things happen. It isn’t the end of the world, people make bad plays, it doesn’t make them dirty, it just means they made a bad play.

  30. @freedough

    Why would anyone mention Crosby tripping Lundqvist? What does that have to do with whether or not this was a slewfoot?

    Oh wait, you’re not talking about Crosby, you’re talking about some hypothetical player named “Cindy.” My bad. Carry on.

  31. The vedio is very clear… It WAS a slew foot………………… Only the blind cannot see it……

  32. Nope, not a slewfoot. Crosby’s skate hits the outside of Callahan’s skate. That is not a slewfoot. Those who say it is don’t know what a slewfoot is and should return to watching golf.

  33. OK, it IS a slew foot, no question what so ever-if you don’t think so, stop reading this-you are too stupid to continue. Now I can buy both arguments of whether or not it was intentional because the video is compelling evidence. It could be honest jockeying for position or it could be a dirty play-i honestly don’t know. I would suggest everyone do the following: imagine the exact same film clip, substitute Callahan with Crosby (the one getting SF’d) and imagine it is Dan Carcillo doing it instead of Crosby…NOW, is it a penalty? (Pittsburgh fans in particular are encouraged to reply). Gun to my head, I say no, it wasn’t intentional (from a Flyer fan), but it should have been a minor just like an unintentional high stick.

  34. It appears people have a problem with this term “slew foot”. Crosby kicked cally’s leg from underneath him. He deserved a penalty, Callahan did not. Pens fans have to face the fact that they have a bitch on their team. A baby who wines and gets what he wants all the time as well as sleeping with Bettman on off nights. Crosby takes it..

  35. weather or not it was a slewfoot is anyone really suprised crosby didnt get called for a penalty.he gets away with more cheapshots and instigating and crying to refs than anyone i’ve ever seen.

  36. My 8-year-old knew it was a slewfoot. If this was Avery doing it to Cindy, Aves would have a week or two off.

  37. Another instance where hockey’s golden child gets a free pass. If Avery does that to him and they call Sid for a penalty, he’ll cry to Bettman like there is no tomorrow. Callahan is a clean player, who plays with as much passion as anyone in the league. He hits hard, but this was clearly a blown call.

  38. Chelios said it right Bettaman go back to basketball you destroyed a great game

  39. Wow, its quite amazing watching all the haterade on here. Yes, Crosby “kicked the leg out from under Callahan” with what, an invisible third leg? Jeff: you should be a play-by-play commentator, seems like you know how to describe something using your imagination so well, even if it’s not even there… like the infamous “Crosby slewfoot”

  40. It’s clearly a textbook slew foot. If not, I challenge the Crosby defenders to point to a video anywhere that shows a better example of the offense. The only way it can be more blatant is if the victim were standing still and the offender coming in at top speed from behind (and topping it off with a simultaneous elbow to the head as the victim is falling backward). The Ranger player even looks at the ref right afterwards as if to say .. “you didn’t see that?”. I agree with one of the previous entries that questions Scott Lewis’ hockey playing background (pickup is not really hockey), so do I. It’s a very dangerous play and very deserving of a penalty (in many rec leagues a major, if the player lands backwards on his head).

  41. this is outrageous. the pens dont have real fans they have bandwagon crosby lovers. aside from the slewfoot who the hell cares ? its hockey players are dirty get over it. all this hoop la over a slewfoot

  42. Found some new evidence that might shed a little light on “Crysby’s” past. Just listen to him scream like a little girl after this game in 2009…

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