This is not a slew foot

Sidney Crosby’s purported slew foot on Ryan Callahan is setting water coolers on fire this morning.  The haters are coming out in droves to call it a dirty play.  We’ve watched the play dozens of times to try and determine if Crosby actually kicked Callahan’s leg out from under him.  After slowing things down and snapping this screen grab, it looks as though there’s evidence to the contrary.

Here’s the video of the play:

The issue many have with the play is the penalty called on Callahan for interference. Crosby should have been assessed a minor for interference if there was any infraction to be called. Other than that, I’ve got no problem with this play – which is two men jostling for position and one being thrown down.

It became and issue when the Rangers’ Brandon Dubinsky took exception to the play during the 1st intermission:

What do you say, was this a slew foot or did the Rangers and Brandon Dubinsky fabricate this out of frustration?