Most NHL teams start each new season with a new slogan.  These slogans are meant to represent the team, but they are also designed to represent the team’s fanbase and make to people excited enough that they tune into the games or head down to the arena to watch in person.

You can find our look at the Central Division SlogansPacific Division SlogansNorthwest Division SlogansSoutheast Division Slogans and Atlantic Division Slogans by following those links.  Today we’re going to wrap up our look around the league and see how well these slogans accomplish their goals.  Do the slogans represent the team and the region or were they simply dreamed up by a room filled with marketing executives holding dictionaries of buzzwords?

Today: The Northeast Division

The Northeast Division is made up of three Original Six teams, two of which play in Canada, as well as a third Canadian team and a team near the Canadian border.  All of these teams are located in knowledgeable, hockey-mad cities, so they probably don’t need much promotion.  Let’s see what they do!

Boston Bruins

Looking at their website, it doesn’t appear that the Bruins have a slogan for their team.  However, even without an official slogan, they still have one of the greatest marketing campaigns in the NHL with their “Bruins Hockey Rules” videos:

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres don’t really have a slogan this year.  They’ve chosen to celebrate their anniversary instead, which is always a good decision.

Montreal Canadiens

Obviously, the Canadiens write their slogan in both English and French.  It’s not a terrible slogan, but it isn’t very inventive either.  You would think that a team with as much history and tradition as the Montreal Canadiens would have a more inspiring slogan, but maybe they don’t need one to attract excitement.

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators have a bilingual slogan as well and it’s about as generic as it gets.  Any sports team in any city could have this slogan.  Nothing about this is unique to Ottawa or the Senators.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs have used “The Passion That Unites Us All” and “Spirit Is Everything” in the past.  Both of those slogans are still used in some capacity, but it looks like the Leafs are pushing the “Leafs Nation” slogan this year.  They’re definitely trying to become “Canada’s Team,” even if it means walking across the country and collecting water.  They also have a song to celebrate it, so the “Leafs Nation” slogan with the Maple Leafs and Canadian flags fits into that campaign.